Boi and Tanya | Same Day Edit

When Boi and Tanya first contacted us, they were shopping around for videographers. Weeks later, they called us back ready to reserve their date and we’re happy that they did. In the months leading up to their wedding, we had the opportunity to learn more about their story. We interviewed their good friends, Julie and Nat who had nothing but good things to say about the lovely couple. During a private shoot, we asked the two to frolic on rolling hills with an ocean view. The results were silly but it was clear that the two were at home when they looked in to each other’s eyes. Fast forward to the reception. That night we had three videos to play; a slideshow, a love story, and a same day edit. We never know how people are going to react to our films, but we were surprised when the crowd went into a frenzy from just the slideshow. As the crowd settled we started the next video. Within the first minute, the noise level in the room was again deafening. I couldn’t hear a single word during the interview portion of the video. In the reaction video below we drastically lowered the crowd’s audio to make it watchable. By the end of the video you can hear their friends showering them with love and affection. To us that meant mission accomplished. Enjoy their Love Story / Same Day Edit

Special Thanks to:

Liz from The VillaTin PhotographyDJ Z Productions,  ST Christopher Church, Vans BakeryPixel Photo Booth

Video Team:

Rommel Dalena, Ann Dalena and Jimmy Vu

Frontpage Photo by Tin Photography

Boi and Tanya’s Same Day Edit Reaction:

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